V-MAST with air-dropable carrying bag

The Varible Multi-band Antenna System, Tubular (V-MAST) is Wingate Durham's original lightweight, powerful solution for the deployment of HF, VHF, or UHF antennas, offering versatile frequency range capabilities and convenient portability for a single operator. The efficiency of the V-MAST is demonstrated by a setup time under 5 minutes and a breakdown time under 2 minutes, a considerable improvement over conventional antenna systems. Additionally, its power capacity of 350 watts and multi-band compatibility make it a highly versatile piece of kit.

VMAST on pack
The V-MAST antenna system serves as a highly portable solution for extended and field expedient C2 communications in all environments and a preferred choice for operators in the field. The complete system with accessories weighs around 11 lbs, compared to conventional military issued antenna systems ranging from 30-80 lbs.


Born out of field-craft innovation in the real world, Wingate Durham’s solutions for operators are designed by Special Operations veterans. All of our products are designed in-house. We help clients and customers shave off ounces, pounds, and seconds for mission success.

We also offer tailored on-site consulting and training through a 3 – 10 day MTT to prepare your team for effective tactical radio communications, including long-range (DX) HF operations in high risk environments or satellite-denied zones as well as field expedient antenna fabrication.

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